About me

Gabie Rudyte

Hey there, fellow explorer!

My name is Gabie Rudyte and I’m a spiritual life coach, creator, and a very curious human being.

My work, and this website, are dedicated to helping you explore your inner world. I hope that what I share & talk about will spark your curiosity into becoming a researcher of your own self. An inner researcher!

Originally from Lithuania, but I’ve lived in Belgium, New York City and currently reside in The Netherlands. In NYC I had a personal training business and worked with wonderful clients, helping them get their physical health on track. I also did creative consulting and videography/video-editing work for businesses & brands in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When I worked with clients on physical fitness, I realised that I was fascinated by their minds, beliefs, and mental obstacles. I saw that no matter how much people were transforming on the outside – they didn’t feel happier or more fulfilled. Their inner worlds were suffering.

Psychology and spirituality have been a massive love and interest of mine for the last 10 years. Thousands of hours have gone into studying, learning, understanding, and applying all the incredible tools, teachings, and insights that I’ve learned from some of the most respected teachers, thought leaders, and professors. As the time went by I realised that I wanted to transition into into a different profession. I wanted to dedicate my life to exploring my inner world & helping others do the same. I then decided to get certified and become a life coach. I also decided to get a degree in psychology through the University of Essex and also studied positive psychology through the University of Pennsylvania.

To share my inner explorations with others, I also started my youtube channel.

Kind words from clients and students

“I love Gabie’s commitment to writing. I also love writing on paper and thought that it improved my excitement to document my life story. Gabie made [the class] so fun and amazingly interesting! Great job!”



“I would like to express my gratitude to Gabie for the insight she was able to provide during our coaching sessions. She has the ability to make a person see things from a different perspective. With the tools she provided me I was able to maneuvre through a diffuclt area of my life and have used these strategies ever since!”

Sherri, client

Ontario, Canada

“I really enjoyed working with Gabie, her approach is so encouraging yet direct. She seemed to be able to see right into the heart of the matter around my fears. She helped me align with my true self and calm the anxiety. I am grateful to Gabie for her guidance, encouragement, and wisdom.”

Cheryl, client

Austin, Texas