5 Ways How to Ask the Universe For a Sign

At times, there’s only so much that we can handle ourselves.

Getting fired from a job, wanting to quit a job but not knowing how, going through a break up, being kicked out of your apartment, having health problems, feeling like we only attract losers, not knowing how to end a relationship with said-loser… the list goes on.

We feel like these tiny, helpless humans strolling around, not knowing what to do. Why don’t we, then, ask the Universe for a sign? Why don’t we ask life to show us a way?

In this article I wanted to share with you how to ask the Universe for a sign.

Here’s the thing — you can ask for a sign.

When the going gets tough, when things don’t go our way, when we find ourselves in a confusing situation and don’t know what to do — we can ASK for a sign. Whether it’s the Universe or God, Life, Mother Earth, Angels, you-name-it, the guidance is always ready and available for you — if you ask.

You may be thinking:

`Okay, if the Universe is so helpful and wonderful and it’s here to help me, how come it let me get to where I am in the first place? Wasn’t it supposed to GUIDE ME?!’

“Obstacles are detours in the right direction.”

— Gabby Bernstein

I hear you, I’m with you, I’ve been in this same place a hundred times. However, I believe that there is no such thing as an accident. No matter how difficult or uncomfortable a place we might be in, I believe there’s a reason we need to be right where we are.

Perhaps from this point on, from this place right here, we will awaken and begin living in a very different way.

Perhaps we needed to get to this place or situation, so we would be reminded that we are not alone. Perhaps we’ve forgotten that we are the creators of our reality, we’ve forgotten that the Universe is here — ready and available — waiting for us to stand up, clean up, and finally begin going in a new direction.

Whatever you’re faced with — this is your time to ask for a sign. It’s your time to check-in with something that is so much greater and more powerful than you.

How to ask the universe for a sign

There are many ways in which you can ask the Universe for a sign.

You don’t have to do a ceremony, chant, or sit in meditation for 90 minutes to ask for a sign. It can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. It can take 5 minutes or you can create a whole mystical ritual around it.

Whatever floats your boat, you know?

Below I’ve listed out 5 ways through which you can connect to a higher power and ask for some help and guidance. If none of these resonate with you — play around and make up your own! You can also combine them.

5 ways you can ask the universe for a sign

  • Journaling — Write a letter to Universe/Life/God/Angels and explain that you are looking for some help and guidance. Explain your situation and request that this higher power assists you in the best way possible.
  • Meditation — Sit in meditation for 10 or 15 minutes and take some deep breaths. Imagine that a beautiful white energy is surrounding you like a blanket, and focus on letting go of all your worries and concerns. Feel the love and compassion surrounding you. Ask that this energy to give you a sign of what you need to do next.

    The sign may manifest as a thought, something a friend says, overhearing 2 strangers talking & it feeling like through the conversation the Universe is talking directly to you, etc.
  • Affirmations — I love affirmations. I believe they’re powerful tools not only to
    re-program our brains and our habitual thoughts, but they can be helpful in allowing us to connect with the Universe. Try saying affirmations (out loud or in your head) that give you a sense of peace and comfort.

    My favorite affirmation is by Gabby Bernstein: “I step back and let the Universe lead the way.” So simple and straight to the point. Repeat this affirmation multiple times a day and surrender your worries. (If this affirmation doesn’t resonate, find one that works for you!)
  • Crying — This is a very natural form of asking which we can’t force. I’ve seen it happen over and over in my life, but when I am incredibly lost and confused in life, and I simply lay in bed and cry, silently whispering ‘Universe, please help me’ some incredible magic begins to happen.

    Again — don’t force this, but if you’re feeling like your tear bucket is full and you need to get it off your chest — do it! Release your burden and ask the Universe for assistance. Cry it out.
  • Ask for a specific sign for a particular question — This only works when you have a specific inquiry/question and want to be reassured that you’re going in the right direction. Gabby Bernstein shares an example where she was looking to buy a house with her husband, and she asked for a sign in a form of an ‘owl’, to reassure her that this is the right house.

    I’ve used symbols myself, like a specific word, flower, or animal to give me confirmation or a YES that I’m choosing the right thing. Come up with your own symbol/sign and ask for it to be shown if you’re on the right path. For eg. ‘Universe, please show me a blue tulip if I should take this job’ OR ‘Universe, please show me a black rose if I should pass on this job.’
a neon sign saying this is a sign you've been looking for used for article how to ask the universe for a sign

The Universe is listening — are you?

Now that you’ve made a request and asked the Universe for a sign, it’s time to listen.

Firstly, let go of all expectations and don’t go obsessively looking for a sign. If you asked the Universe to show you a blue tulip to confirm that you should go for this new job, don’t walk into a flower shop and ask ‘Hey guys, do you have any blue tulips?!’

That’s not how it works. 😉

Let go of this question. Forget about it. Move on! I promise you — the sign will come in a way in which you least expect it. You might think that you will see your blue tulip on a book in a bookstore when in reality, you could be sitting in traffic when you suddenly have a hunch to look to your left, and when you look, you see a black BMW going past with a sticker of a blue tulip on the side.

Seriously, you have no idea how the sign might come about, but just trust that it will. Because, well… it will!

Be aware, but don’t be obsessive. Go on with your life like you usually would, and let the sign surprise you. It’ll pop up when you least expect it!

Don’t ignore the sign when you do get it!

A few years back, when I was living in New York City and running my own personal training business, I had a new client book me. He was a man in his 40s and we were supposed to have our first training session at around 4 pm that same day.

He texted me a few hours before our session saying that he needs to cancel, but we can reschedule it for tomorrow. I said: ok, no worries!

The next morning when I woke up, the idea of training this man didn’t sit right with me. Now, I had not met the guy just yet, and I haven’t seen him in person, but I was feeling a little off. Something didn’t feel right.

I trust my intuition when something doesn’t sit right with me — and this didn’t. So I sat down and said out loud:

‘Universe, I’m feeling really weird about this client. PLEASE give me a sign if I shouldn’t go forward with these training sessions. If I shouldn’t, let him cancel today’s session. I will take this as a sign that I don’t need to work with this client further.’

I kid you not, but 20 minutes later, I got a message from him saying ‘Hey, sorry, I have to cancel again. Can we train on Friday at 10am? So sorry. I’m never like this, but something came up.’

I mean…

Don’t doubt the sign

…I was in awe.

Then, I began to think: “Well… maybe that was just a coincidence because he texted me so soon, and perhaps I should at least train him once… It would be extra money, and that won’t hurt, and he wants to train a few times a week, and I sho—

I asked for a sign and now I was doubting it!

I took my phone and texted him:
“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to work with you any further, but I hope you find another great trainer!”

When you ask the Universe for a sign, don’t you dare doubt it, rationalize it, ignore it, or call it a ‘coincidence or an accident!’ You asked for it, and you got it, so you better believe that your prayer and request has been answered.

It’s ridiculous to think that we might be sitting on the couch, crying, wondering what the heck we need to do next, and when the sign shows up — we just brush it away and keep thinking ‘No, Universe, seriously, give me A REAL SIGN.’😅🤦🏼‍♀️

how to ask the universe for a sign

Don’t forget to act on it!

Once you’ve gotten your sign, answer, or direction — don’t forget to follow through an act on it.

What’s the point of asking the Universe for a sign of whether you should move, quit your job, accept a job, pursue a new calling, or go somewhere if you’re not going to follow through with it?

Just like with any relationship, you have to keep your word and follow through. You have to take action. If you say ‘if I get this sign, I will follow my passion,’ but then you get a sign and do nothing about it — that’s not cool.

That’s breaking the trust with the Universe.

The guidance is here available for you, but it’s not going to be of much help if you don’t take action on the things that it’s trying to tell you!

Follow the nudges, listen to the signs, ANSWER to the signs, and stay positive and faithful. We are all connected to this incredible higher intelligence that is incredibly powerful and magical — and always available to us.

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