Vision Boards: 3 Essential Keys to Successful Manifesting

When we visualize our aspirations through images, words, and symbols on a vision board, we’re tapping into the feelings and excitement behind those desires. As we get clear on our desires we are able to better focus on what we need to do to achieve them.

In order to create a powerful vision boards that can help you manifest your goals you need to be clear and specific on what it is that you want to manifest, engage with it emotionally, and place it where you’ll see it often.

Additionally, for those of us who might not be as great with our imagination and thus using mental visualization, a vision board can make this process much easier. Read below for 3 tips that can help you create powerful vision boards!

Vision Boards Stir Emotions

At the heart of every dream or goal is the emotion attached to it. When we visualize our aspirations through images, words, and symbols on a vision board, we’re essentially tapping into the feelings and excitement behind those desires.

Just like a heartwarming photograph can remind us of a cherished memory, a vision board serves as a daily reminder of where we want to go, making our dreams seem tangible.

The more we can feel the emotions associated with our goals, the more motivated we become to pursue them.

I’ve been a huge believer in manifestation and law of attraction since I was 13 years old. Writing down my desires, using visualization, and creating vision boards has not only been effective, but also really fun!

At the heart of all of these tools is emotion. Getting into the feeling of what it would feel like to have our desires manifested is one of the most important aspects of successful manifestation

Visualization Fosters Focus

Life can be distracting. With countless responsibilities, it’s easy to lose sight of our personal goals. But a vision board acts like a compass, consistently pointing us in the direction of our dreams.

Every time we glance at it, our mind refocuses on what truly matters to us. It’s a gentle nudge saying, “Hey, remember what you’re working towards!” By keeping our goals front and center, we’re more likely to take consistent actions toward achieving them.

When you know what it is that you want, you are clearer on the steps that you need to take in order to achieve these goals. Being vague and general is bound to create confusion and make you feel less excited to take action. After all… what action can you take when you’re not even sure what it is that you want?

Think of it this way: you may want a new car, so you say to the Universe: “I want a new car”. The Universe might deliver you this new car, but then you might say… “Eh, Universe, this is not really the type of car that I wanted. When I said new car, what I actually meant was a dark blue 2022 BMW Z4 with white leather seats.”

This might be a bit of an odd example, but I hope you get my point here. 😉 A detailed and specific vision board = clear focus. You know what you want and the Universe knows what you want. A recipe for successful manifestation!

manifestation and vision boards

It Sets Positive Intentions

There’s power in intention. By taking the time to create a vision board, we’re setting a positive and proactive intention for our future. It’s a declaration to the Universe and ourselves that we are committed to our dreams.

Moreover, as the saying goes, “What we focus on grows.” By consistently concentrating on our aspirations and putting energy into them, we naturally draw experiences and opportunities into our lives that align with our goals.

By putting in the time and effort into creating a detailed and clear vision board, the manifestation process will be faster and more effective.

You are saying to yourself and the Universe: “This is important to me. This is what I’m working towards. This is what really matters to me and my life.”

3 Tips For Powerful Vision Boards & Successful Manifestation

Now that you know why vision boards are so powerful and can help you with manifestation, it’s time to focus on the three key aspects of a powerful vision board.

Grab a big piece of paper, a canvas, or an (actual) cork/white board and start building one of your own! Consider bringing lots of creative tools that can help you: markers, colorful pens, magazine cut-outs, pictures, phrases.. the sky is your limit!

1. Get Clear on Your Desires

Before even starting on your vision board, spend some quiet time reflecting on what you truly desire in your heart. The law of attraction emphasizes the power of clear intentions.

When you’re crystal clear about what you want, you send a more focused frequency out into the Universe.

Thus, choose images, words, and symbols that deeply resonate with your desires and avoid adding things merely because they look good or are popular. Your vision board should be a mirror of your genuine aspirations.

You can either make your vision board time-focused (“My vision board for 2023 & what I wanted to manifest in this year”) or you can make it goal-focused (“My dream home vision board). It’s all up to you and your goals. You make the rules! 😊

2. Engage Emotionally

The law of attraction isn’t just about visualizing; it’s about feeling. It’s essential to evoke strong, positive emotions when looking at your board.

Choose images or words that make you feel joy, excitement, gratitude, or any other uplifting emotion. The stronger and more positive the feelings associated with the images on your board, the more powerful the magnetic pull towards manifestation.

When you are making your vision board (+ every time you look at your board after it’s done), pause for a moment, and let those feelings wash over you, amplifying your energetic attraction.

Some days may be harder than others. However, even if it’s just a minute or two each day, make the time to focus on the positive emotions you would feel if your goals and dream has already manifested.

To add to the positive emotions, you could also consider expressing gratitude for your goals having manifested. Remember, the Universe doesn’t know if you’re observing your current reality or you’re imaging.

Go ahead and say: “Thank you Universe for my dream home! I am so grateful and excited that I have my dream home and I get to live there each day!”

vision boards and manifestation

3. Place It Where You’ll See It Often

The more frequently you’re reminded of your goals, the more they stay at the forefront of your mind, allowing you to both consciously and subconsciously make choices that align with your aspirations.

By keeping your vision board in a place where you can see it daily, you’ll be continually reinforcing your intentions and affirmations, creating a loop of positive energy. This frequent interaction and affirmation signal the universe of your unwavering focus and commitment.

You may consider placing your vision board in your bedroom, so each day when you wake up and go to bed you are reminded of your goals and what it is that you’re manifesting.

You may also consider placing it on (or above) your desk. Each day when you’re hard at work you can take a few minutes, pause, look at your vision board and focus on the positive emotions.

Note: I know that some of you may be thinking “Oh nooo. I don’t want my partner/roommate/child/co-worker to see my vision boards. Soooo embarrasing!” I totally understand you!

If that’s the case, you might want to create your vision board inside a notebook or a binder. This way, you can have it closed and invisible to others. Then… when you want to look at it, you simply open this innocent-looking-notebook and your dream world emerges in front of you.

Nobody has to know… 🤫😉

Go Ahead and Manifest Your Dreams!

Now that you know what it takes to create a powerful vision board – go ahead and create one yourself! Make it an enjoyable process and watch your dreams manifest.

If you’re currently working on manifesting your dream job or career, consider checking out my article about how I manifested my dream job – and how you can, too! If you’re interested in exploring your inner world, I’ve got a wonderful class called “Journaling for Self-Reflection.”

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