Law of Allowing: The Key to Successful Manifestation

When it comes to manifestation, you’ve probably heard a lot about the Law of Attraction. But what about the Law of Allowing? This law is instrumental in successful manifestation!

The Law of Allowing stands as a pivotal principle, intricately woven into the fabric of the Law of Attraction. This law, often overshadowed by the more commonly discussed laws of attraction and deliberate creation, is integral to unlocking the full potential of our manifesting powers.

In this article we will discuss what the Law of Allowing is, practical tools to help you practice this law, and how it all relates to successful manifestation!


The Law of Allowing, a cornerstone in the philosophy of manifestation, is a nuanced concept that transcends mere wishful thinking. It is about creating a state of openness and readiness to accept the abundance the Universe offers, aligning oneself with the flow of life’s infinite possibilities.

This law goes beyond merely wanting something; it’s about becoming vibrationally compatible with your desires, enabling them to manifest in your reality.

Abraham Hicks, a prominent source of wisdom in the field of spiritual growth and manifestation, places significant emphasis on the Law of Allowing. Their teachings shed light on this often-misunderstood concept, clarifying that allowing is not about passive waiting but about actively creating an emotional and spiritual environment where desires can manifest.

According to Abraham Hicks, the Law of Allowing is about aligning ourselves vibrationally with our desires, creating a harmonious resonance that facilitates the manifestation process.

Understanding and practicing the Law of Allowing is crucial for successful manifestation. It’s about more than just wanting something; it’s about being in a state of acceptance and readiness to receive what we’ve asked for.

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This law teaches us the power of letting go of our resistance, our need to control outcomes, and our impatience. Instead, it encourages a state of peaceful expectancy, where we trust that the Universe will deliver our desires in the right way and at the perfect time.

As we delve deeper into the Law of Allowing, we uncover the profound truth that our ability to allow, as much as our ability to ask, determines the success of our manifestations.

For me this was a real mindset shift, because in our day-to-day life we mostly need to ask, take action, wait, bargain, demand… but with the Law of Allowing we simply have to become receptive to the receiving of our desires! (Easier said than done, though…)

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Understanding the Law of Allowing

Contrary to common misconceptions, the Law of Allowing is not about passive acceptance or mere tolerance of circumstances. It’s an active process of emotional and spiritual alignment. It involves a conscious decision to let go of resistance, including negative thoughts or doubts that block the manifestation process.

This law teaches us the art of being open and receptive to the opportunities and blessings that come our way, even if they don’t appear in the form we initially expected.

The Law of Allowing stands in contrast to the active nature of desire. While desire involves identifying and focusing on what we want, allowing is about being in a receptive state where we are open to receiving what the Universe delivers.

It’s about trusting that the Universe will fulfill our desires in the best possible way, even if it doesn’t align with our specific plans or timelines. This trust is not about inaction; rather, it’s an active trust that requires a deep understanding of the Universe’s wisdom and timing.

Understanding the Law of Allowing requires a delicate balance between desire and surrender. While it’s important to have clear intentions and desires, it’s equally crucial to release control over how and when these desires will manifest.

This law encourages us to remain emotionally and spiritually open, to release our grip on the specifics, and to trust in the Universe’s greater plan. It’s a dance between asking and receiving, between desiring and trusting.

In essence, the Law of Allowing is about harmonizing our internal state with our external aspirations. It’s a gentle reminder that while we may set our intentions, the Universe’s response might come in unexpected ways.

Embracing this law leads to a life where manifestation flows naturally and effortlessly, guided by the wise understanding that the Universe always provides what is best for us in perfect timing.

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The Role of Belief and Trust

At the heart of the Law of Allowing lies the powerful duo of belief and trust. These elements are not just complementary to the law; they are its very foundation.

The journey of allowing is fundamentally rooted in a deep-seated belief in the Universe’s wisdom and an unwavering trust in its benevolent orchestration of our lives.

Abraham Hicks emphasizes the critical role of trust in the Universe’s plan as a vital component of the Law of Allowing. They teach that trust is not a passive state; it is an active vibration that aligns us with the frequencies of our desires.

Trust is the bridge that connects our aspirations to their physical manifestation. It involves an unshakeable belief in the Universe’s ability to provide and a willingness to surrender our own rigid expectations of how and when things should happen.

Trust, according to Abraham Hicks, is about embracing the unknown with confidence and peace, knowing that the universe is always conspiring in our favor.

Doubts and fears are the antithesis of this law. They act as barriers, creating a vibrational mismatch between us and our desires. When we are consumed by doubt, we emit a frequency of uncertainty and resistance, which hinders the manifestation process.

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Our fears, often based on past experiences or societal conditioning, can lead us to cling to control and resist the natural flow of life. This resistance is what blocks the magic of allowing; it disrupts the harmonious interplay between our desires and the universe’s ability to fulfill them.

The Law of Allowing, therefore, calls for a release of these doubts and fears. It invites us to step into a space of trust and belief, where we understand that our role is not to dictate the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of our desires, but to allow the universe to unfold them in its perfect timing. This doesn’t mean abandoning our desires or efforts; it means enhancing them with a vibrational quality of trust.

In essence, the Law of Allowing is a call to deepen our trust in the Universe and strengthen our belief in its infinite wisdom.

It’s about understanding that the universe always has our back, and that our role is to align with this supportive flow, trusting that all we desire is on its way to us, in ways that are even better than we can imagine.


Overcoming Resistance

In the journey of embracing the Law of Allowing, a common obstacle many encounter is resistance. Resistance is essentially any thought, belief, or emotion that contradicts our desires and intentions. It manifests in various forms, such as doubt, fear, anxiety, or negative thinking, and acts as a barrier to the flow of manifestation.

Recognizing and overcoming this resistance is crucial in adhering to the Law of Allowing.

Resistance often appears subtly, through habitual negative thoughts, self-sabotaging behaviors, or persistent feelings of unworthiness. These are indicators that, on some level, we are not fully open to receiving what we are asking for.

Abraham Hicks teaches that resistance is essentially a misalignment of our vibrations with the frequency of our desires. To align with the Law of Allowing, we must identify and release these resistant energies.

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  • One effective strategy for overcoming personal resistance is through self-awareness. Paying attention to our emotional responses and thought patterns can reveal underlying resistance. Once identified, we can actively work to shift these patterns.
  • Abraham Hicks suggests several techniques for this, one being the practice of positive affirmations and focused meditation. These methods help reprogram the mind to a state of acceptance and positivity.
  • Another technique is the practice of gratitude. By focusing on aspects of our lives for which we are thankful, we shift our energy from lack to abundance, thus reducing resistance.
  • Additionally, Abraham Hicks advocates for the use of visualization exercises where we envision ourselves in a state of having already received our desires. This not only boosts our mood but also aligns our energy with our goals.

Releasing resistance also involves letting go of the need to control outcomes. Trusting in the Universe’s timing and wisdom is a fundamental aspect of the Law of Allowing. Surrendering control doesn’t mean giving up on our desires; rather, it means trusting that the Universe will bring them to fruition in the best way possible.

In conclusion, overcoming resistance is a vital step in practicing the Law of Allowing. By recognizing and addressing our internal barriers, and employing techniques from Abraham Hicks, we can align our energies with our desires, paving the way for a smoother manifestation process.

This alignment with the Law of Allowing opens us up to a world of infinite possibilities, where our desires can manifest with ease and grace.

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Practical Exercises for Practicing Allowing

Embracing the Law of Allowing involves more than just understanding its principles; it requires practical, daily practices that cultivate an attitude of openness and receptivity.

Abraham Hicks suggests several exercises and meditations that are instrumental in nurturing this attitude. These practices are designed to align our energy with our desires, fostering a state of allowing that is essential for manifestation.

Focus Wheel Process

One powerful exercise is the Focus Wheel Process. This involves creating a physical representation of your shift in focus from resistance to allowing.

  • Start by drawing a large circle on a piece of paper, with a smaller circle in the center.
  • In the smaller circle, write a positive statement that reflects your desire or goal.
  • Around the larger circle, write down thoughts that support this statement and make you feel good about it.

This exercise helps to realign your thoughts with your desires, reducing resistance and enhancing the practice of the Law of Allowing.

Meditative Visualization

Another effective practice is Meditative Visualization. Set aside a few minutes each day for a quiet meditation where you visualize yourself in a state of having already achieved your desire.

Feel the emotions of joy, gratitude, and contentment that come with this achievement. This visualization process aligns your emotional state with your desires, effectively practicing the Law of Allowing.

Want a guided meditation that will help you visualize? Download my free “Your Perfect Day” Visualization meditation.

Affirmation Meditation

Affirmation Meditation is also a key exercise recommended by Abraham Hicks. This involves repeating affirmations that reinforce your belief in the universe’s ability to fulfill your desires.

Choose affirmations that resonate with you, such as “I am open and ready to receive the abundance of the Universe” or “I trust the Universe to bring my desires to fruition in perfect timing.”

Repeating these affirmations during meditation helps to instill a deep sense of trust and receptivity, crucial for the Law of Allowing.

Gratitude Journaling

Lastly, the practice of Gratitude Journaling is essential. Regularly jotting down things you are grateful for shifts your focus from what’s lacking to what’s abundant in your life. This shift is vital in practicing the Law of Allowing, as it aligns your vibration with abundance and receptivity.

Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine not only enriches your spiritual practice but also ensures that you are actively cultivating the Law of Allowing. By regularly engaging in these practices, you foster an environment within yourself that is conducive to receiving and allowing your desires to manifest.

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Integrating Allowing into Daily Life

Integrating the Law of Allowing into daily life is about creating a consistent practice of openness and trust in the universe’s generosity. This integration involves a delicate balance between our desires, our actions towards achieving them, and our willingness to allow the universe to work in its own time and way.

Here are some tips and real-life examples to help you incorporate the Law of Allowing into your everyday routine.

  1. Start Your Day with Intentional Thought: Begin each morning by setting a positive intention. This could be a simple affirmation that aligns with the Law of Allowing, such as, “Today, I allow myself to receive abundance in all forms.” Starting your day with such an intention sets a tone of receptivity and openness.
  2. Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Day: Regularly remind yourself to stay present and open to experiences as they come. For example, if you find yourself getting impatient or frustrated, take a moment to breathe and re-align with the feeling of allowing. Remind yourself that the universe’s timing is perfect, even if it doesn’t align with your immediate expectations.
  3. Reflect on Manifestations in Action: Acknowledge and celebrate instances where you’ve seen the Law of Allowing at work in your life. Maybe you unexpectedly received help on a project or met someone who provided valuable advice. Recognizing these small manifestations reinforces your belief in the process.
  4. Balance Desire and Detachment: While it’s important to have goals and aspirations, attaching too strongly to the outcomes can create resistance. Practice balancing your desires with a sense of detachment. For instance, after working towards a goal, mentally release it by affirming, “I’ve done my part, now I allow the Universe to do its.”
  5. Evening Gratitude Practice: End your day by reflecting on what you are grateful for. This practice helps shift your focus from what you’re lacking to what you already have, fostering an attitude of abundance that is essential for allowing.
  6. Handling Setbacks: When faced with challenges, instead of responding with frustration or disappointment, view these as opportunities to practice allowing. Remind yourself that sometimes, obstacles redirect you to better paths or outcomes.

It’s about maintaining a balance between actively pursuing your goals and trusting in the flow of life to bring you what you need at the right time.

Remember, the Law of Allowing isn’t just a practice; it’s a way of living that embraces the belief that the universe is always working in your favor.

Practice This Law for Manifestation

The Law of Allowing teaches us the importance of not just desiring and acting, but also of being open and receptive to the Universe’s offerings. It’s about trusting that the Universe will fulfill our desires in the most perfect way, at the perfect time.

As you continue your journey of manifestation, I encourage you to internalize the Law of Allowing. Practice the exercises, reflect on your progress, and trust in the Universe’s wisdom and timing.

Remember, as Abraham Hicks beautifully articulates, the power of allowing transforms the process of manifestation from an act of creating to an act of receiving. Embrace this transformative power and watch as the universe aligns to bring your deepest desires into reality.

P.s. If you enjoy reading, I highly recommend reading “Ask and It Is Given” By Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham).

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