10 Spiritual Memes to Make You Laugh

A meme, a cultural moment often in the form of an image or a gif, is often used to convey a humorous, satirical, or ironic message. Memes can be a great way to see a certain situation, or context, from a humorous angle.

We may be on a spiritual journey that is tough and challenging. However, we should also take a moment to find some laughter and comedic relief in being on this spiritual journey! I’m a fan of memes, so naturally… I wanted to share with you 10 of my favorite spiritual memes.

These memes have been accumulated over the last few years and saved in my “favorites” folder on my phone. Nothing better than laughing at some spiritual memes when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the spiritual lessons life might be putting you through. 😅

1. Universe Has a Plan For You

This is by far one of my mooost favorite spiritual memes. Often when I don’t understand what-on-earth is going on with things that are happening in my life, I’ll think of this meme.

Universe and our spirit guides have a plan for our lives… and often it takes different turns from what we would expect. I love this meme and I hope you can appreciate it, too.

Lesson: Trust your spirit guides and the plan that the Universe has for you!!

spiritual memes spirit guides

2. Whyyy?! Oh, That’s Why

This. is. brilliant.

Often times we have no idea why certain lessons show up in our life, why unexpected things happen, by certain challenges arise… Yet, in my own experience, I’ve noticed that once a few months or years pass by – THEN, in hindsight, I know why things needed to happen that way.

It’s this lightbulb moment of “ohhhhh, that’s why”.

Again, this meme is absolutely brilliant and perfectly reflects how we may be feeling during a challenge/lesson vs after!

spiritual memes

3. It’s time

As I write this blog post, this meme is the most reflective of where I am at in life. Things have flipped upside down in the last months, there is so much change, big decisions, and uncertainty.

This is exaaactly how I felt before all these changes started taking place. “No, thanks, I’m good here.” “Yeah, sure, there probably is a different chapter waiting for me, but i’m quite comfortable here”

Yet… the higher self takes charge and turns our life upside down because there is something sooo much better waiting on the other side. Don’t you love it when spiritual memes just perfectly illustrate what you’re currently experiencing?

spiritual memes

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4. It ain’t over

Alright, I know I said that the first spiritual meme was my favorite, but I really can’t pick… I love all these spiritual memes. They’re so relatable it hurts. 😭

We think the tough spiritual lessons are over, that we’ve succeeded, “passed” the spiritual exam, so to say. And yet… more is waiting around the corner.

Honestly, I’m happy were unable to see the future because if I knew in advance all the things that life will put me through, I’m pretty sure I would’ve run the other direction.😂

spiritual memes

5. You gotta go through it yourself!

If anyone asks: spiritual memes are my love language. This one is another good one (and once again, way too relatable).

We can ask the Universe for some help and guidance, but sometimes.. the Universe just has to let us go through a certain challenge alone.

We gotta go through it to grow through it, as they say.

spiritual memes

6. I’m not crazy! Or Am I?!

Honestly, when I was going through the dark night of the soul the last 3 years, there would be at least one moment in the day that I would think to myself “Am I actually just… crazy?”

Spiritual awakening sounds all fun and games until you actually go through it. It’s not beautiful or calm in the slightest. It’s confronting, challenging, overwhelming aaand not for the faint of heart.

(That’s why we’re looking at all these spiritual memes here, trying to find relief in our challenges. Can looking at spiritual memes be an actual spiritual practise?? I say it can…)

spiritual memes

7. You Are The Creator

The epiphany you have when you realize you are the creator of your reality, you are a powerful manifestor, and YOUUU create your own opportunities.

Time stops. Old beliefs crash and burn. New power: unlocked

spiritual memes

8. It All Makes Sense

In line with a few of the other spiritual memes about our life crashing and burning before we see the (well needed) lesson in it, this one is way too relatable, too.

No knowledge or wisdom came from things being easy. It’s the challenges and curveballs that life throws at us that reaaaally teach us the big, important lessons.

spiritual memes

9. I Need a Sign. Ok… Maybe Another One

Okay, maybe I should take it back and say that out of all the spiritual memes, this one, actually, is my favorite.

The amount of times I have done this is embarrassing. 💀 Asking the Universe for a sign, getting a sign, and then… Asking for another one (or maybe two), juuuust to make sure it was the actual sign.

I’m not exactly sure how the Universe doesn’t get fed up with us!

spiritual memes

10. You Can’t Get Angry

“I’m spiritual, I can’t get angry”, I remember thinking to myself as a 20-year-old. Sigh. Little did I know that part of spirituality, and of the spiritual path, is feeling allll the human emotions we’ve been given.

Bye bye spiritual bypass and suppressing emotions. Finally I’ve learned that it is crucial to feel aaaaall of your feelings, especially anger!

spiritual memes

I Hope These Spiritual Memes Made You Laugh

I’m glad I got to share some of my absolute favorite spiritual memes with you. Hopefully you were able to relate to them as much as I did!

If you want to check out many more hilarious and relatable spiritual memes, I’ve found a brilliant pinterest board right here. Happy laughing!

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