How To Manifest a Job: 4 True & Tested Tips

Law of attraction and manifestation are powerful tools that can help you receive the things that you want in life. I have used it for 10+ years with great success, and I wanted share with you exactly how I did it – so you can do it, too!

In order to know how to manifest a job using law of attraction, you need to have unwavering faith, feel worthy, take action and let go of the expectations, and visualize your new reality as if it already happened.

Before being a teacher and life coach, I lived in New York City, and I worked as a personal trainer. I had this grand vision of traveling around Manhattan and having my own business, training upscale clients, and working for myself.

It took about a year/a year and a half to get to where I wanted to be and turn this vision into reality, but I did it. I manifesting a job using law of attraction!

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1. You Have to Have Unwavering Faith

Before we get into the nitty-gritty and exactly how to manifest a job using law of attraction, I want to stress the importance of fully trusting this work and having faith in the law of attraction and the Universe.

This stuff only works if you are committed and have full faith!

If you approach this with ‘eh, I don’t know if it’ll work,I don’t know how to manifest a job, but let’s see…’ it’s not going to work! I can promise you that if you are pessimistic or not fully on-board with the law of attraction, you most likely won’t manifest the very thing you want to manifest, because you won’t believe that you can!

Having said this, I want you to check-in with yourself.

Do you believe in your own power to manifest the life you desire?
Do you believe that your external world reflects what is happening in your inner world?
Do you trust that the Universe can give you anything that your heart desires — if you believe it enough?

If you’ve answered Yes, YES, and YESSSSSS to all the above questions — fantastic! You’ve got the faith and belief — now we can simply focus on doing the work to attract what we want.

2. Do you feel ready/worthy/qualified?

In the summer of 2016, I decided that I want to be a personal trainer, and I want to start my own personal training business. I worked as a waitress for 3 months, and then I worked as a cocktail waitress for 1 day (I quit-but-sort-of-also-got-fired?!), and the hospitality business was stressing me out.

I used to cry in the bathroom when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the customers, so I decided that I needed to put an end to this. For the next few days, my mind was running a hundred miles an hour because I kept thinking:

‘What can I do then? I want to work! I want a job, but… I don’t know what I can do… I want to do something that I love, something that will be fun, and I also want to make great money doing it. Oh, I also want to make my own hours and not work on the weekends.’

While walking to the subway stop a few days later, this thought popped into my head: PERSONAL TRAINING!

I was 19 at the time but I’ve been working out since I was 14; I knew a lot about fitness, I worked out almost every day, and I was passionate about health & well-being.
How did I not think about this before?!


I got home, dropped all of my stuff, and began searching for Personal Training certifications. As much as I knew about fitness, I didn’t feel comfortable immediately going and looking for clients — I wanted to do some extra studying and be fully certified before I began.

This is an essential first point in manifestation — do you feel worthy of the job you desire? Are you qualified? Do you feel ready?

I didn’t need a Bachelor’s degree to work as a personal trainer, but I did need to get certified. Not only because that’s a great asset to have, but I also wanted to have that extra bit of confidence when I put myself out there and start working with clients.

Think about the job you want to manifest. Do you need a certification, a particular training, a course, a degree? If you’re going to be a lawyer — there will be a little more that goes into it compared to if you want to be a singer. However, it all comes down to how good and confident you feel in yourself.

If you want to be a successful singer — do you feel great about your practice? Stamina? Breath control? Technique? Are you taking classes to work on your craft?

If you want to be a successful lawyer — what do you need to study? What do you need to pass? What do you need to know? Do you have a dream company you want to work for or do you want to start your own?

If you want to know how to manifest a job

You can’t attract the job of your dreams if you don’t feel worthy enough or prepared enough for it.

You have to be confident in what you do and feel that you are ready & prepared!

a post-it that says "what you seek is seeking you", used for article manifest a job using law of attraction

3. Take action – and then let go

That same day that I decided I want to be a personal trainer, I ordered a certification program and bought all the books. I studied every single day for about 3 months, and in September of 2016, I passed my exam & got fully certified.

Now that I had my certification and I was feeling excited, I began to wonder:

How on earth will I get clients?
Who will want to work with me? Where do I even find clients??

I told myself to relax and go meditate.
While in meditation, a thought popped into my head: ‘See if you can list yourself as a personal trainer online.’

Great suggestion, my dear Intuition! Thanks!

After my meditation, I went onto google and typed in ‘find personal trainer NYC.’ Lo and behold — a bunch of websites popped up where you could book a private personal trainer. I checked them out and saw that I could list myself as a personal trainer. I uploaded a picture, wrote a nice bio, and hit ‘publish.’

Now that I was listed as a personal trainer, I knew that people would be able to find me. However, it didn’t mean that I still wasn’t worried about how I am going to become a successful personal trainer!

I knew I had to practice the art of Letting go. I had to let go of this dream of mine and not worry or think about it.

I took action — from getting certified to listing myself as a trainer, and now it was time to let go.

Additionally, it was time to act as if my dream has already come true.

“The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.”


4. Act As If + Visualize

At the same time that I listed myself as a trainer, I also wrote down a list of all the things I want my job to be. From how many hours a week I want to work to how much I want to get paid per hour and how much I want to earn in a month. I wrote down every single thing that I wanted to manifest.

Okay, now my favorite part!

You have to act as if you are already living your dream.

The Universe (and your brain, btw!) doesn’t know if you are imagining something or if you’re simply observing what is happening (aka seeing your reality.)

This was my time to reaaaaally practice what law of attraction is about and begging acting as if I already have plenty of wonderful clients. You need to match the vibration of that which you want, and in my case, I needed to match the vibration of ‘I am a successful personal trainer in NYC and I have a lot of incredible clients!’

I created a folder on my laptop titled ‘CLIENTS’ and then created a bunch of sub-folders with random names. Steven, Amy, Justin, Ellen…. I began making up random names as if they were real clients. Then, I started writing fitness plans for every single person that I made up. I was going FULL-IN on this imaginary life of mine.

I was creating programs to my imaginary clients as if they were real (because, HELLO, they were real!) In my calendar, I scheduled training sessions with these same people so that whenever I would look at my calendar, I would see that it’s filled up with clients.

Every time I would get on the train, I would imagine that I am going to train my clients.

It only took about a month before my first client booked me through one of the training platforms. 2 weeks later, 2 more people booked me. A month and a half after doing this visualization game & acting AS IF I was already where I wanted to be — I attracted 3 clients. More importantly, these 3 clients were training with me 3 times a week — that’s 9 training sessions a week.

Once I began training real people (haha!), my self-esteem and confidence went even higher. I started getting even more clients, and in about a year, I got to a place where I had to reject clients — I simply didn’t have enough time to train all of them! My fees went up,I never worked weekends, and when I did work — it was only about 4 hours a day.

man standing with arms wide open looking at a sunset, representing how to manifest a job using law of attraction

2 years later, I found the list that I made

As I was moving apartments in the summer of 2018, I found my old notebook in which I had written how many clients I wanted to have, how much money I wanted to make in a month, and how much I wanted to work.

Not only has every single thing come true, but I had EXCEEDED every single thing.

I was making more a month that what I had written down. After having so many clients want to train with me, I increased my fees, so I was charging more per hour than what I had intended. I had achieved my dream.

I was in my dream place that I had no idea how I will get to.

This Is How To Manifest A Job Using Law of Attraction!

This stuff works. It really, really, REALLY works — if you fully believe it and trust it.
Not only did I use the law of attraction for manifesting my dream job, but I’ve used it for everything! Manifesting my dream apartment, opportunities, friends, traveling… I’ve even used it when I decided to retire as a personal trainer and begin my life coaching practice. And yes — it still works 😉

I hope these tips, and my personal story, serve as an example and a reminder that you truly can manifest anything that your heart desires — even when you have absolutely NO idea how it will happen.

Trust in your own power. Match the vibration of the thing that you want & begin acting as if you’re already where you want to be, and observe all the miracles that will begin to happen around you!

I have no doubt that you will be able to manifest your dream job and your dream life. You might also enjoy reading this article about how to ask the Universe for a sign. Additionally, check out my journaling class to help you become a researcher of your own self!

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